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    Lightroom 6.0 and Mac Questions

    snwandy Level 1

      I recently went back to LR after several years (from Aperture) and have a few "questions".

      (1) I have a mid-2011 iMac with 12GB of RAM. My LR catalogue is on the internal HD and my photos are on an external USB 3.0 HD. I have approximately 65,000 photos in my library. It seems that LR 6.0 takes a lot longer to start up than the last version of Aperture that I used - same basic setup with library on internal and photos on external. Any ideas/suggestions?

      (2) When importing, since I shoot RAW+JPEG, is there anyway to tell LR NOT to import the JPEG files - aside from going though the entire import and unchecking the JPEG files? (Royal PITA when it is a large import.)

      (3) When using Aperture, I generally started working on the pictures that I felt warranted editing by using the AUTO button (and then making whatever further adjustments I wanted/needed). While doing the same in LR (currently a mixture of RAW files from either an Olympus EM10 or Canon G7X), the initial result after hitting the AUTO button is for the most part very over-exposed. Is there any way in LR settings to tone down the AUTO settings?

      Thanks, Steve

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          photo-enthusiast Level 2

          1) There could be a variety of factors at play.  Are you talking about launching the application, or waiting for the thumbnails to build?  If it's the latter, you can build previews to speed things up.  I'd suggest reading about these first, otherwise you'll use quite a bit of unnecessary space, given the size of your catalog.


          2) you can do this. I'm short on time to research it, but it is possible.


          3) I'm not aware of being able to adjust the auto setting itself.  Martin Evening explains in his book, that the auto selling works well for outdoor photos, but not for studio shots.  Instead he's uses the quick develop panel in the Library module to adjust one photo, and then uses sync settings to get the remainder in the neighborhood for proper exposure.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            2) In your Lightroom preferences, uncheck the option to treat JPEG images next to raw files as separate images. If you do that then Lightroom will only import the raw files.