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    Need links to Flash Player product packages, not installer stub


      My computer at home connects to the internet via dial-up. Downloading packages of 17 MB can take a couple of hours, and I need the Flash Player for both Firefox and InternetExplorer.


      What I have been doing has been to d/l the product packages at a public computer with a high speed connection to a USB Drive to take home with me. However, I can no longer find a link to the Player product packages. I can only find the link to the installer,  which when run will only install the product on the computer on which it is running.  If I take the installer package home I am once more downloading for 2 hours for each version of the Player.


      Is there a link I can use to d/l the product packages themselves, instead of the installer stub?  I need a link that will allow me to d/l for each browser, or a link for each browser package.


      Thanks in advance for your help


      Fred Zbikowski