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    What created videos can i put into after effects?

    craigr91391236 Level 1

      If i made a video on adobe elements or premiere pro, for instance which ones ,if any, can i then move to after effects to add effects to them? Does it have to be specific programs? What if its not an adobe video that i made, does that matter? Or can i only put original video footage's in?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please re-post your question in the Adobe After Effects Forum to get information on the Supported Import Formats for Adobe After Effects.

          After Effects


          Once we have that information, we can tell you how to get such a format in an export from Premiere Elements.


          But, please say which version of Premiere Elements and on what operating system it is running. What version of After Effects?


          To start you on the process of getting the information that you seek, please check out the Adobe document on Supported Import Formats

          Supported file formats | After Effects CS4

          which you can confirm with the After Effects people.


          Thank you.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7

            Ann Bens


            Great link to have for those Premiere Elements users who want the current version Adobe After Effects 2015 and its information on Importing and Interpreting footage items.


            Best wishes



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              craigr91391236 Level 1

              do you mean after effects goes best with premiere elements? What would be

              best for me, id like to make films for a hobby with friends, to make

              action, sci- fi, and horror films.

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                craigr91391236 Level 1

                and its prem elemnets 13 and after effects 2015 that go together right?

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                  Have you read the link that Ann Bens pointed to.

                  After Effects Help | Importing and interpreting footage items


                  All you need for After Effects is a file that it supports. And, from my point of view, you are likely to get your projects done with latest as well as earlier version of After Effects. Since the latest version of After Effects is the only one offered for tryout by Adobe, then you will be forced to work with the latest version. If you had access to an earlier After Effects version, it is likely that it would work for you also. The key to what you take into After Effects is "supported file". That supported file does not have to come from Premiere Elements 13 (latest version). It could come from an earlier version of Premiere Elements or even from a non Adobe video editor. Here again, if you are talking tryout from Adobe, then you are working with Premiere Elements 13 since that is the only version that Adobe is offering for tryout.


                  So, given you have tryouts of After Effects 2015 and Premiere Elements 13...What exactly do you want to do with the Premiere Elements export in After Effects? Ann Bens who appears to have first hand knowledge of the After Effects has already said that After Effects comes with a difficult learning curve. Maybe what you want to do can be done in Premiere Elements, cutting After Effects and its learning curve out of the matter and still getting a satisfactory end product. There are numerous effects and features in Premiere Elements to explore to create special effects.


                  1. I would encourage you to learn each program before you attempt to use both.


                  2. Start with Premiere Elements 13/13.1, if that is going to be your video creator/edit.


                  3. Define what effects you need to apply to your Timeline content. Explore to find out if the program offers those effects or how to make them if they can be made by you using a variety of techniques.


                  4. Know the properties of your Timeline content and make sure the project settings are set up correctly to match the properties of what you are putting on the Timeline.


                  5. Know your effects and how to use them.

                  Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Effects reference


                  6. Then decide how you want others to view your work...

                  a. DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc

                  b. AVCHD format on DVD disc

                  c. Blu-ray format on Blu-ray disc

                  d. file saved to hard drive for upload to YouTube at the YouTube web site or other...look at AVCHD.mp4 file

                  using Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with Presets =  one of the MP4 presets that is consistent with your project settings. If a 1920 x 1080 p30 project, then look at the MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p30 preset under Presets there.


                  Once you mastered the above, then you can decide if you want to learn After Effects to create special effects that you could not find a way to do in Premiere Elements.


                  Please consider.


                  Thank you.