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    Multiple Editing, Mixed in one place?


      I have an intern who is wanting to edit some images we shot together. I have all the RAW files on my computer and in a catalog. I gave her all the RAW files as well and let her have at it at her home. Is there a way that I can import her changes into my library so that I can continue working on them and then export. I now a tiny bit about smart previews, but only enough to be dangerous!

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Highlight the photos, use File / Export as Catalog, give your internal that catalog alogn with the photos, she can open that catalog and do all her work, then she can give you back just the catalog, and you can use File / Import from Catalog to get her edits.


          If the photos aren’t in your catalog, yet, then your intern can create a new catalog, import the photos, do the work, give you that catalog, and you can import from that catalog.


          On either end, she and/or you will likely have to do right-click Locate Missing Folder unless the photos are in the same relative location on each of your hard-drives.