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    Links to external topics from TOC

      I have two .chm files: Interface.chm and Def.chm. From the TOC of Interface.chm I have a number of links to topics in Def.chm. I want the TOC from Interface.chm to remain in focus when I activate an external topic from Def.chm.

      I have specified that the external topic should appear in the "Same frame", but there's still a problem.

      When I launch Interface.chm, the first external topic appears correctly with the TOC of Interface.chm displayed. However, the second and following topics will activate Def.chm with its TOC displayed. And what is even worse - Interface.chm is still lurking in the background.

      I have "Auto-synchronize TOC" and "Show/Hide Nav Pane" enabled in both projects. Maybe these settings interfere with what I want?

      I hope somebody has a solution for this very annoying problem.

      I am working with Robohelp HTML X5.0.2.

      Best regards,
      Per Frederiksen
      7-Technologies A/S, Denmark

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          I have had no problems creating links as <A HREF="externalfilename.chm::/Topic.htm"> to get what you want - an external topic to appear in the window with the original topic and its Nav pane. In RoboHelp, when creating the hyperklink, just select the remote topic. I use Shortcut controls to open an external .chm in its own window, which is the behaviour you describe.