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    Lightroom 6 image previews and histogram have a thick blue cast.  Images look OK in develop mode.


      I just opened Lightroom 6 today, and all my images in the Library (Grid, Loupe, Compare, Survey), Filmstrip, Navigator, and even my histogram show a thick blue cast.


      Images look normal in Develop mode.


      I believe this is due to Lightroom mobile trial being over.  I signed out from Lightroom, signed back in, clicked 'license' and entered my serial number for the standalone version of lightroom 6.  The problem did not go away.


      Does anyone have any idea how to remove this?  I have purchased the Lighroom 6 without mobile.  How can I use the software I purchased without having a blue cast on any image preview?


      Screenshot of the issue:


      Screenshot in develop mode (partial problem):