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    How to sync entire catalog with mobile


      I'm considering updating from my old LR5 to Lightroom CC.  The idea of doing all my edits and management from any of my devices is attractive to me, so I downloaded the trial to test out the feature.  I quickly discovered, however, that I cannot sync my catalog, only collections--and only non-smart collections at that.  I'm not sure if the feature is really as limiting as it seems, or if I'm just not understanding it.  So I came here for help!


      I've always managed my photos via a hierarchical directory structure... loosely, yyyy/mm/eventname.  If it truly is only possible to sync static collections, all my photos in this directory structure are off-limits to Lightroom.  It would seem that if I want to edit (or even see) my photos on my iPad et al, I need to import my photos into Lightroom as normal and then manually maintain a collections structure that mirrors my library structure.  Is this the case?


      Am I misunderstanding how sync works?  Can I somehow put my organized catalog online for editing with Lightroom Mobile?  Or would I be limited to just the photos I manually maintain collections for?  (I say "would be" because that's way more trouble than it's worth for me!)


      Help me get into this cloud thing!  I only have 29.5 days remaining on my trial to figure out a solution! 

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is probably not enough cloud space to put your entire catalog online and it would be very slow.   The sync process is for more initial editing of the most recent photoshoot, with the rest of editing happening on your desktop.


          I have two desktops, and put my catalog and recent photos on a USB-attached drive, and back that up to another USB-attached drive, in case I lose or destroy my external drive.

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            ckrueger2 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply!


            My issue is that I have a large volume of photos to process. I rank them and then process the selects.  My wife often helps with the ranking, and I do all the processing.  For me/us, using a tablet to do the ranking (and some edits if that part of the app ends up being nice) would be a huge efficiency improvement, because right now we're stuck using one computer for all the work, and we're not always in front of that computer.


            I don't REALLY need my whole catalog, although that would be a great feature.  Because I'm using the Mobile feature to edit new photos, all really need it to do is automatically pull all new imports.  (Honestly, it's more work than I'm willing to do to maintain a manual set of collections.)

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              ckrueger2 Level 1

              So it would seem there's no way to make Lightroom do a mobile sync with all your photos.  Does anyone automate Lightroom?  Is there a way to at least have it add newly-imported photos automatically?  I'm not above a little scripting, especially if the alternative is to start to work more outside of Lightroom.