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    LR suspecting duplicate images that aren't actually duplicates


      I shot a festival this weekend and following my workflow that I always do, I import into LR which syncs with my Dropbox.


      - I insert my 64GB HDXC Sandisc via Lexxar Card reader into 5k iMac.

      - Select "import" and choose the card as the source

      - Images begin to load and groups are greyed out as "Suspected duplicates" (Impossible because I just shot this last night)

      - Unchecking "Don't import suspected duplicates" does nothing. Even with it unchecked, it still leaves the images grey and won't allow me to import


      Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 11.37.21 PM.png

      This is extremely frustrating as nothing from my workflow has changed yet it's suddenly not allowing the import of images for 15 bands that are clients that I need to deliver these to. I've done google searches and yield no results.