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    Mac OS X Official Flash Installer Download Links Have Not Worked Since v.13


      The official download links one is directed towards, both when updating through Firefox or Safari and when going to the site directly, have been completely non-functional for the last 6 or so iterations. They don't work in Safari. They don't work in Firefox. They don't work in Mt. Lion. They don't work in Yosemite. They never finish installing. The only way to install the updates it to wait for someone to post a link to a hidden, alternate version of the plugin and installer.


      What exactly is the point of your accelerated update schedule when you are delivering completely unusable software? Who is in charge of selecting the OSX download distribution linked to on your main installation page? Unless you are intentionally self-sabotaging Flash, it is difficult to imagine how this delivery of broken installers has persisted for over a year, at this point.


      On one of the many many many many threads about the Mac installer stalling out, I saw one of the mods note that the user complaints were largely irrelevant because of the selection bias inherent in customer support forums; what is going overlooked is that the vast majority of users will not bother at all to try to find a solution to your unusable installers and will instead uninstall the malware portal known as Flash and just use HTML5.


      What you're doing isn't working.