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    Big pdf file size! Compress and crop eps images from InDesign to pdf???


      I've been given an InDesign file - 32 pages

      28 of these pages have images on - around 6 eps images on each page.

      Whoever made the files, made multiple images on a single canvas. So each frame in InDesign is cropping out mass of data.

      It works out that the images in each frame are part of a canvas full of around 20 illustrations.


      When I export the file to pdf as 'smallest file size' or to 72dpi for screen, I can't seem to get the pdf file size below 19mb

      For a very basic booklet, this seems mental.

      But every time I open the pdf, the eps files are vector, and opening the pages in illustrator show me that the 19 cropped out image data is still hidden.

      That's over 3,000 tiny illustrations being cropped out that I don't need!


      If I could go back in time and find the person who made the file and give them a slap... I would.


      Opening up each illustration and editing and saving and relinking and adjusting to fit etc will take a lot of time.


      Does anyone have a fix? An idea of how to reduce this pdf file size?

      Turning the eps into cropped jpeg with a push of a button?


      Otherwise, I think I'll put all images onto a layer, export that one layer as jpegs, and then import each page as a background to the text.

      I think


      Any help, much appreciated.


      > InDesign CC
      > Mac Pro 2014

      > 32 page 1/2 US Letter portrait pages