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    phonegap debugging resources?

    foj Level 1

      I have an Android-apk and iOS-ipa built through PhoneGap. I am developing on win7 and the Android version works as I'd expect from looking at the EA Preview in Browser on Chrome, IE and Firefox, the iOS version does not work as expected and I have no idea why.


      My question is basically what is the normal route for debugging a PhoneGap ipa build from EA,

      • Is there a list of known incompatibilities (I have warnings/notifications in edge about iOS not being able to preload audio or video)?
      • If I publish to a website and display in iOS Safari will/should this echo the issues found in the ipa, where the local win7 browsers look OK?
      • Are there any tools provided to debug the iOS build?




      Hate to be a hater, but there currently is insufficient support from Adobe for this EA-to_PhoneGap pipeline

      & this will be the 5th question I've posted here on the EA forum, so hoping for a reply this time!

      Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you


      Using Win7 64bit & EA CC 2014.1.1