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    cf_pdfform tag

      I have created a coldfusion application. I need to populate an existing pdf form with values from a SQL Server database table.

      The user will need to enter a loan number in Coldfusion form field and pull up an exisiting PDF form file and populate the form entries with data from the database table corresponding to the loan number entered by the user.

      Will I be able to do this with the cf_pdfform tag? If so, Could you point me to an example?
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          Is it possible to store the data from the existing PDF in the DB and
          recreate the PDF via HTML?

          I believe this would be easier and cleaner and less buggier.

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            Thank you for the response, but I need to populate a pdf form that has blank entries with values from a dbf table. It sounded to me like the cf_pdfform action = "set" would work. Would this work?
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              This is working for me in filling pdf forms.

              You must refer to the field name when setting values. These are available by querying the form using the <cf_pdfform action="get" action.

              Here are some sets that working. Also see my post on overcoming caching using cf_pdfform.