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    Can you view security / permission details on Android?


      Using Acrobat Reader 15.0.2 on Android KitKat.  Is there a way to view the permissions details of a PDF on the Android app? 


      I'm trying to figure out why I am unable to print a password-protected PDF from my Android phone.  When I try to print it the app says "Error - the document cannot be printed because it is password protected.".  While I found this annoying I didn't necessarily question it.  But then I was looking at the same PDF on a Windows desktop, and the permissions details there say that printing *is* allowed.  So I'm wondering if there is a difference in the two PDFs somehow (which the originally was just forwarded so there shouldn't be) or if there's a bug in the Android app or something.  But I can't tell what the specific permissions are for the PDF from within the Reader app on Android, unless I'm missing something.  Pressing the lock on the bottom of the screen simply says that it's a protected document.


      Thanks for any ideas!