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    How to make a button to overlay all objects?


      I'm currently making a flash application. In the application, I'm loading an swf file inside a frame. Here's the code:


      var url1:URLRequest = new URLRequest("Complete The Words Game 1.swf");



      myLoader.scaleX = 1.8;

      myLoader.scaleY = 1.8;

      myLoader.x = 190; 




      backtopractice_button.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, backtopractice);

      And I want to bring the "backtopractice_button" to the very front to overlay everything, even the SWF file too. Is it possible to do this? Thanks.

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          You can set the index of any DisplayObject using setChildIndex:

          DisplayObjectContainer - Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3 ) API Reference


          I'm not sure where "backtopractice_button" is coming from (assuming code you're not posting) but assuming it's added via code (you can't change things on the timeline and I don't think you'd be running addChild() on a timeline object). So find the stage's highest index with .numChildren and set it to that - 1.


          Simple all code example of flipping 2 Sprites added (frame script):


          import flash.display.Sprite;


          var a:Sprite = new Sprite();

          a.name = 'IAm-A'; // set a name so we know which is which

          this.addChild(a); // 'this' is just representing the stage


          var b:Sprite = new Sprite();

          b.name = 'IAm-B';



          trace(this.getChildAt(1).name); // IAm-B


          // swap

          this.setChildIndex(a, this.numChildren - 1);


          trace(this.getChildAt(1).name); // IAm-A


          So for you, should be simply:


          this.setChildIndex(backtopractice_button, this.numChildren - 1);