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    How do you get a TOC to automatically text flow onto multiple pages?


      I have a table of contents set up that has--in the past--included section headings, but is now required to include sub-section headings as well. Only problem with this is it roughly doubles (or triples) the length of the TOC in many of the affected documents. Is there a way to set up the TOC master page so it will automatically flow onto additional TOC pages as needed?


      I work with a team of writers who all work with this master template, but aren't quite as at home in indesign as I am so I try to keep our template as 'plug and play' as I can. I can get the TOC onto multiple pages by manually duplicating the TOC page, overriding the text boxes, deleting its master page-filled contents, and linking overset text from the first (undeleted) TOC text box by hand into the newly emptied text frame; however, this is time consuming, confusing to explain to newbies, and has to be completely redone with each TOC update. I'm hoping there's a more streamlined solution.