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    Inserting HTML topic into text box

    gdavism2m Level 1
      Using RoboHelp HTML X5.0.2.

      Is there anyway to insert the contents of one HTML topic file into a text box of another HTML topic, similar to the MS Word function of inserting the contents of a word document into the frame in another document.

      I have a RoboHelp HTML project that has a lot of Related Topics pages. Instead of a popup of Related Topics, I want the related topics to appear in a text box on that topic page. I am manually copying and pasting the Related Topics links a topic at a time into the text box for that topic. I am hoping there is a faster way of doing this.

      The project I am working on has 30 modules, each one has about 50 topics and each topic has its own Related Topics page.

      Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.