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    merging projects / what's possible with X5?

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      The next version of my company's software product will be like an "application server". There will be an "engine" and a number of separately installable tools. I want the engine to have HTML Help, and every separately installable tool to have its own HTML Help. I want to merge the separate HTML Help files at runtime so that the user has online help for the as-installed set, but there are quite a few configurations. What is possible with RoboHelp X5? How would I manage my links between topics -- sometimes a referenced topic will exist and sometimes it will not ...
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          ---Dirk_Bock Level 1
          You can merge your help systems by including the TOC of a slave in the TOC of the master project, your "engine". This works rather easy, though you may have to manually modifiy the resulting TOC-file in order to get the TOC-levels of your slaves right.

          You can link to a topic residing in another CHM, but if the CHM linked to is not available at runtime, a "page not found" error will occur.

          If you want to achieve a more seamless integration (opening any CHM of the system at Windows level without errors, using context sensitive help for the whole system without glitches) you have to invest some more work - and expect problems.


          ---Dirk Bock