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    Captivate Early Road-Blocks: Advice and Tips

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      This post is late-coming. But a few months, I experimented with Captivate for a couple of weeks and created a complete course.

      In learning the software, I ran into a number of road-blocks that I had to deduce myself.

      Since then, certain features may have been updated, or my understanding may be simply incorrect. Especially since this is cobbled from post-it notes and memory.

      But here are  a few tips that I found to be invaluable information which may help you in getting started with Captivate, or if you're having a particular issue.

      1. Use smartshape placeholder objects only.
        1. You can copy and paste smartshape placeholders. You cannot copy other types.
      2. To change size across the dynamic devices, within the filmstrip view, do the following:
        1. lock size and positive
        2. Change all values to % relative.
        3. If you change size with %relative in a master slide, the changes will not cross to the filmstrip.
      3. To change size in the master slide, your values must be the basic "%".
        1. I'm not 100% positive about this. My post-it note and memory is unclear.
      4. If you change the master slide, when you return to the filmstrip you must "reset" it.
        1. In other words, when you change a master slide, reset the filmstrip to update your changes.
      5. To apply properties to all views, you must be in the filmstrip view.
      6. Text margins are not responsive.


      I hope this helps a few of you. If you find that any of this information is wrong, please feel free to correct me. I apologize for the lateness in posting.