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    Text with a hyphen (that's been imported from Word) won't change font from what it was in Word


      I'm creating a book by importing the text from a Word file. When I come across a word that's hyphenated, the entire hyphenated word is stuck in the font from the Word file -- I can't change it manually, by using styles, or by changing the hyphen glyph itself. If I put any other glyph where the hyphen is, the font fixes itself and it looks the way the style dictates, but not the hyphen (even when I change the font in the glyphs panel). If I delete it and retype it, it still changes the font. It seems like there is some kind of setting that's making the hyphen act like this, but I can't figure out what it is. To be clear, it's the entire word that's stuck in the Word file's font, not just the hyphen. How can I made the hyphen and the word change fonts and obey its style?