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    If I place one indesign file inside another indesign file, will the hyperlinks from the original still be hot upon PDF export?


      We have a document that we create every month and brand for each our clients. We've finally settled on a pretty simple process for this that has been working mostly without incident for the last few months but this month it's giving us a major headache.


      We lay out the original document in it's own .indd

      We have another .indd with a master layer for each client.

      We place the original document inside the new document and turn on each layer, one by one, exporting each one as a print document with Hyperlinks included.


      Up until today, when we export, the hyperlinks we've created in the original document have exported without problem. But today, things are sporadically not working.


      First, it was just hyperlinks that were on more than one line that wouldn't export - so we'd build those in Acrobat.

      But then after exporting half a dozen of the branded documents, we noticed that NONE of the links were working. SO we closed Acrobat and started again and the first couple of documents exported correctly. Then the hyperlinks stopped working.

      Then we found that if we closed the PDF that automatically opens after exporting from INDD, and then reopening it fresh, the single-line URLs would be hot.....




      We built the links in Indesign the way we always have: Interactive --> New Hyperlink


      One forum we found suggested it might be the auto-link recognition in Acrobat so we turned that off. And now no matter how we try exporting from INDD, either as a Print or Interactive, NONE of the links will be hot when we open them in Acrobat.


      So is this a problem with the document being placed within another document? Do hyperlinks not work within placed documents?