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    Major Problems Using Aperture/iPhoto Importer Plugin in Lightroom CC


      I used the built-in Aperture/iPhoto Importer Plugin to copy my 13,000+ photos into Lightroom CC. Hardly anything has gone right. Here are some examples:

      1. Photos won't sort by Capture Time, despite selecting it as my choice. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the order to the photos. They look purely random. Not even the years match up. A photo from 2011 is right next to one from 2015 and the next one from 2007. Changing sort order from another sort preference, such as File Name, back to Capture Time doesn't fix it.

      2. Many photos have the wrong capture times, not matching the ones in iPhoto.

      Example A: Two photos taken minutes apart in September 1998 were properly copied into the 1998/09 folder in Lightroom Masters. Yet, in the Library, they appear with two different capture times - 6/27/01 and 8/10/03! In iPhoto, these photos have the correct dates and sort order.

      Example B: A photo taken on 1/27/2013 was adjusted in iPhoto. Both the original and the adjusted photo (as a preview) were copied into Lightroom. The original has the right date. The preview's capture date is 2/23/2014! Both files are stored in a Lightroom Masters folder with the correct 2013-01-27 date. in iPhoto, both photos have the same date.

      Example C: I took 20 photos at an event on 6/26/2002. All show up correctly by capture date in iPhoto. In Lightroom, the capture date is listed as 5/17/2006! None of them appear in order, despite using Capture Time as the sort preference. All 20 were copied into Lightroom Masters in a folder correctly dated 2002-06-06.

      3. Inside the Collection called, From iPhoto, the subfolder called, Events, has hundreds of folders with names such as _1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_10_11_1.... At least half of them are empty. Another subfolder called, Photos Hidden in iPhoto, contains more than 11,000 photos. When viewing iPhoto, there are no hidden iPhotos, so it is unclear why Lightroom would show it this way.

      Right now, my photos in the Lightroom Library are in total disarray. I'm looking for clues as to what went wrong. Any help will be much appreciated.