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    Digital signature disappears after saving to network share

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      Recently a user has been experiencing an issue that occurs when following these steps:


      1. Save a document to a network location.

      2. Open it and sign it.

      3. When prompted, save the file to the same location with a different filename.

      4. The signature disappears. If he closes the document and reopens it, the signature is still not there.


      Everything works as expected if the file is initially saved to a local location. He can then save the file again to the network location, and the signature "sticks". There are no other issues with saving any sort of document (PDF or otherwise) to the network location. This issue happens with all network locations.


      I saw a similar issue that was resolved by disabling protected mode in Adobe Reader, but to my knowledge Acrobat does not have a protected mode to disable. The issue seems to have started occurring over the last two weeks so the latest patch may have something to do with it.Has anyone seen this problem before? 

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          Anubha Goel Adobe Employee

          Hey nshumeyko,


          Thank you for posting on Adobe forums.

          Could you please try using Enhanced Security option that provides a way to specify locations for trusted content. These privileged locations can be single files, folders or host domains (root URLs). Content that resides in a privileged location is trusted.

          For example, enhanced security normally blocks PDFs from loading data from unknown websites. If you add the data’s origin (its host domain) to your list of privileged locations, Acrobat allow loading the data.

          Given below are the instructions you can follow:


          • Open Acrobat and go to Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced)
          • Select "Enable Enhanced Security" option
          • Specify a list of locations in the Privileged Locations section, and then click OK.
          • To trust any sites you already trust in Internet Explorer, select Automatically Trust Sites From My Win OS Security Zones.
          • To add only one or two PDFs from a location, click Add File.
          • To create a trusted folder for multiple PDFS, click Add Folder Path.
          • To allow data to load from a website, enter the name of the root URL. For example, enter www.adobe.com, but not www.adobe.com/products. To trust files from secure connections only, select Secure Connections Only (https:).


          Please try this way and let me know how it goes.




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