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    macbook pro - side scroll options


      hey premiere elements fam,


      i hope you can help me with this one...


      if i want to scroll sideways with 2 fingers on my macbook pro everything works fine but elements scrolls in the other direction.. all other programs like chrome, steinberg cubase or whatever scroll in the direction if my fingers but elements does it the other way.. if i change the whole scroll setting in the config menue then all other programs work the wrong way...


      how can i setup this kind of scrolling?


      greetings jannis

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements?


          I am strictly an Elements Windows users, and I am not sure of the comparability of Windows Mac with regard to your scrolling matter - in your case what sounds like touch screen versus mouse scroll wheel.


          But, check out the following Premiere Elements Windows observations to determine if any can be applied to your situation. The following is an excerpt from a blog that I post

          0018. Premiere Elements 13 Expert Workspace Timeline Area Mouse Wheel Scrolling Issue: Bernard Solution


          In prior versions of Premiere Elements, mouse scroll wheel has been used to scroll the Timeline, moving the Timeline Indicator from left to right or right to left - frame by frame. This is not the case in Premiere Elements 13 Expert workspace.Timeline. Instead, there the mouse scroll wheel scrolling results in the movement of the Timeline tracks up or down or up and down in the Timeline panel.


          Bernard has posted the discovery that mouse scroll wheel scrolling in Premiere Elements 13 Expert workspace Timeline can result in the left to right or right to left movement and gave the how to details. Incredible findings by Bernard.


          The essentials of what Bernard did and observed include


          • With zoom in max set in the -+ slider above the Timeline, position the mouse with the scroll wheel at a blank space to the right or left of the Edit area monitor, and scroll. An 11 frames movement (left to right or right to left)  results from each nudge of the mouse scroll wheel.
          • If the Premiere Elements 13 icon in the Taskbar is clicked twice before doing the scroll as described above,  the result is a 1 frame movement (left to right or right to left) with each nudge of the mouse scroll wheel.

          Commentary...we have confirmed Bernard's findings in Premier Elements 13 on Windows 7 and 8.1 64 bit.  But more work needs to be done with quantifying the scenario which results with the 11 frames movement per nudge of the mouse scroll wheel. So far, the degree of zoom in does not appear to influence the results.