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    Apply css to text

    rtania6 Level 1

      I haved looked at some posts about applying css and I came up with the following.

      Would this be the right way to apply css to my textbox.


      sym.$("headline1Txt").html("<p id='headlineText'></p>");

      sym.$("headline1Txt").css(" -webkit-font-smoothing","antialiased","font-family","'Varela Round', Helvetica, sans-serif !important");

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          seano2o7 Level 3

          No, You can do it on a one line so to make the text red I would get the element name from the elements on the side panel and simply do


          sym.$("text").css("color", "red");


          or sym.$("text").css("font-size", "24px"); and so on


          add to compositonReady or a click or whatever.