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    Website Link Errors on Primary Links

    eossipov Level 1

      URL's  in distress:

      Adobe - Search: Download%20Premier%20Elements

      https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/store/handlers/elicensing/trialconversion.cfm?productId=152& platform=Windows&locale=en_US&…


      https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/store/handlers/elicensing/trialconversion.cfm?productId=152& platform=Windows&locale=en_US&…




      JRun Servlet Error:



      Header Length too Large


      It doesn't matter what the lead url is,

      It doesn't matter if I'm logged in or not,

      Every Page related to upgrade/purchase gives me the above error.


      I purchased Elements, and Premier Elements,

          1)  Why is it not available for me to download within my account?

           2) ALL the download links are not working, they weren't working when I purchased this a month ago, they weren't working when I wanted to evaluate the product a month before that.

      So that makes AT LEAST 2 MONTHS these links haven't worked.

      The only logical conclusion is that YOU DON"T OFFER THE DOWNLOAD, so just quit saying you do or remove the links, honestly, it makes adobe look like an idiot that can't make link to file. Doesn't exactly instill confidence in your products, honestly the website LOOKS GORGEOUS and functions like CRAP


      I'm a cloud subscriber too, have been, since you started cloud, before that and since dreamweaver was macromedia AND THEIR WEBSITE WORKED

      I'm a major FAN, and honestly, I'm so frustrated JUST TRYING TO GET MY PRODUCT that I don't want the damn thing anymore.


      Please, can I just get a link to the product I PAID FOR.