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      I'm using the System.setClipboard method to copy some html text into the clipboard.

      Then I'm pasting the text into a html WYSIWYG editor on the same page. I can paste it without problems, but it is pasted as html, so the html tags are escaped. In Internet Explorer, using Javascript, I can set the content type of the data I add to the clipboard:


      Is there any way I can do the same in flash/actionscript?

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          I've got a similar if not identical issue..

          I am right now putting an html link on the clipboard that users can paste into e.g. an email or blog editor. This woks ok as it is now but requires users to paste into a plaintext/rawhtml editor and not a rich text wysiwyg editor - if they do the latter the html will be escaped so link won't work.


          I'm not entirely sure how the whole rich text, browser and clipboard features work but when you copy a link from an html page and paste it into e.g. the gmail wysiwyg email composer you automatically get a working link in the message. If you paste the same into e.g. notepad you just get the plain text. So I'm guessing browsers keep an internal clipboard in addition to the os one. When copying a link the os clipboard gets just the plain text while the internal browser clipboard gets the html.

          If this is how it works then my question is whether it is possible to put stuff on this browser clipboard. Perhaps by doing a detour through javascript?