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    Combo Boxes

      Hi all,

      I have been trying to work out how to display a value in a combo box based on a variable. To understand what I am doing I will try to explain.

      I have a combo box on Frame 1 with 3 values value1, value2 and value3. The user selects a value in the combo box which is then saved to a global variable (_global.cb1).

      When the user clicks the next button they are taken to another frame (Frame 2) on the same timeline, with another question. If the user clicks the previous button they are taken back to the last question on Frame 1. I want the value they selected orginially fom the combo box to be already selected. Basically the information held in _global.cb1 needs to be displayed as selected in the combo box.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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          i would set your values in an array, and do a loop:

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            Dave.Hollings Level 1
            Many thanks for your reply however I don't think I have explained myself correctly. I have a combo box already populated with 3 values. When the user selects one of those values it's label is stored in a global var. If the user returns to this frame later I want the information stored in this global var to make the combo box selection the same.

            For example if the user selects value3 then label3 is stored in _global.valuecb. When the user comes back to this frame to review their responses the combo box must make the default selection equal to whatever has been stored in the global var, in this case value3.