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    Module Questions

    mike2281 Level 1
      First, thanks to the team for getting this in 2.0.1, this is so important. I have been following the development since Roger Gonzalez first started blogging on the matter. As I dig deeper and start using modules in flex builder the following questions arise.

      1) In the shell app you would authenticate and authorize via login, then start loading modules and working with data with say remote object, since the module will need to open the destination how would you setup the user session information in the module. I see the data property but an example of this would be great.
      2) Lets sat the module is loaded into a panel in the shell app, is there a mechanism that would allow the module to tell the shell app to load another module into the same panel, pop it up etc. I had envisioned something like this from the module create a new module loader and do parent.addChild(newModule) in other words the module needs to trigger the loading of a second module into the main app?
      3) Sending parameters via querystring would also be interesting, for example lets say you had a view user info module that loaded to show a users info ViewUser.swf?id=1001 my guess is this is possible but what happens here if you do this twice for two different users, is the same module loaded or is a second instance created. It would help to have a better understanding of some of the inner workings here?
      4) It would be really nice to have a sample that did some dummy authentication then loaded up a couple of modules and included some two way communication between the main app and the modules, I am sure in a week I can get it all working but someone at adobe could probably mock up a sample app like this in an hour.