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    Array Elements and Data Binding

      In Flex 1.5 array elements do not support data binding. Here's an excerpt from an older Flex 1.5 document ( Chapter 18, Data Binding):


      Arrays can be used in bindings in the same manner as other object types. However, array elements do not fire a ChangeEvent when their value changes, so they cannot be used as a binding source at runtime.
      Data binding does, however, copy initial values during application or component instantiation, so bindings with their source as an array element will be set to the array element value (once only, at initialization time) and will not be updated thereafter if the array element changes.

      Is this still true in Flex 2.0?
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          jtan Level 1
          Yes we do not support data binding on arrays however the class ArrayCollection takes an array as a constructor and does support data binding to changes to the arraycollection will fire change events. We suggest wrapping the array into an array collection.