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    video sizes


      i have purchase adobe photoshop element 13 and also upgrade to premier i can create the slideshow but when i go to add it to my website or youtube the size i s to big how an i change this and also i get an error message about the codec

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is involved?


          You can export your Timeline content to a AVCHD.mp4 file save to the computer hard drive and then upload that file to YouTube at the YouTube web site where you can request and use an extended time account for uploads larger than 2.2 GB file size/15 seconds duration.


          What file size and duration are you getting now that are being called too big, presumably by YouTube in the Premiere Elements built in YouTube feature?


          But, where are you getting this error related to "codec"? At import into of your slideshow into Premiere Elements Editor? Or, somewhere on the YouTube side of things?


          Please consider and supply more details.





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            carolynj26859563 Level 1

            im using a dell computer with windows 8 the size video is 128.8MB 1280x720 i tried loading to you tube and it wont upload it tried for about 20 minutes to load the coded error is when i import to premeire elements editor

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the follow up.


              What are the properties of that 1280 x 720 video that you are importing into your project and that is destined for upload to YouTube using the Premiere Elements built in YouTube feature? The quickest way to get to that information might be us knowing the brand/model/settings for the camera that recorded the video. But, I would ask "How did you get the video into the project in the first place if you are hit by the codec error at import?"


              You report that the file size is 128.8 MB. That should be OK. What is the duration of the file?


              Does the 1280 x 720 have a .mov file extension? If so, do you have the latest version of QuickTIme installed on your computer along with Premiere Elements? Are you running the programs as administrator?


              Please see what additional information you can find. We will look at this in the morning morning.


              Until then...



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                carolynj26859563 Level 1

                is there a tech support line that I can call I have tried everything I know to make this work and I am getting very frustrated now so I need to talk to someone

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Are you aware that this is not Adobe. Rather user to user. The frequency of appearance of Adobe in this forum is not defined.


                  This has been the case from my perspective --There is no telephone support for Premiere Elements, even current version. You need to go through online Adobe Chat who may or may not be able to help you. Many of the help choices point to Ask the Community (which is us, user to user)..


                  It may not be an ideal online Adobe Chat route, but at least it appears to offer an active online Adobe Chat

                  Contact Customer Care

                  Premiere Elements

                  Downloading, Installing, Setting Up

                  Downloading and Installing

                  Chat Line


                  You say that you have tried everything you know to make this work...what have you done? The issue seems to be that you have a 1280 x 720 .mov file that you cannot get to upload to YouTube using the Premiere Elements build in YouTube feature. From what you have written, it would appear that your video is 128 MB within the YouTube file size limit. What about the duration of the .mov, within the 15 minutes limit? If within those limits.....


                  At this point, I would encourage you to export your Timeline to a AVCHD.mp4 file saved to the computer hard drive and then upload that file to the YouTube at the YouTube web site. Have you done that and found that to be successful? That is typically a must do in the YouTube troubleshooting.


                  Premiere Elements




                  with Presets = YouTube Widescreen HD.

                  If that does not work, then we need to investigate properties of your Timeline content, project settings.


                  Consider. The offer of troubleshooting here is open if you want to explore it. It offers good potential for success. But it takes exchange of troubleshooting information.


                  Thank you.