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    Are instructions on migrating LR 3 still relevant?


      Just watched Julianne Kost's clear set of video instructions on how to migrate Lightroom 3 from one computer to another.  Of course, Lightroom CC is what I have!  To what degree should I expect to get in trouble by following Ms. Kost's instructions?  Thanks.

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          If the video talked about:

          - migrate your photos

          - install the new version of the software

          - copy the catalog, previews, and backups to the new computer

          - copy the preferences

          - copy the preset folderS (plural)

          - copy other stuff


          This is a good list of things to do. However, since LR3 and LR6 do things a little differently and in a little different places, exactly HOW to do it will be a little off. For example, the presets and preferences are not in the same places; so while the concepts on WHAT to do are valid, HOW or WHERE may take a little looking for.