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    Chewed Top by Puppy, Will Not Charge

    bluclay Level 1

      The top of my ink and slide was chewed up by our Pug puppy and it is the part where you plug in the charger, he chewed it clean off so you can see the metal underneath. I thought about super gluing it or something but first tried to just to connect it with my hands staying away from any metal and plug in it to see if I get the flashing lights or anything but did not. I love my Ink and Slide and use it on almost every single project with different apps. Is there any warranty or a way I could just buy the charger part again or would I have to buy a whole new ink and slide? This is the best stylus I have EVER had the pleasure to use and would like to get back to using it as soon as possible. It is imperative to our business and creative design process. IMG_1583.JPGIMG_1584.JPGIMG_1585.JPGIMG_1586.JPG