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    Printing problem using Kodak Office 6150 printer.

    jjaylad Level 1

      Unable to print 4x6.

      • They print fine through Photoshop CC but not from Lightroom CC
      • The paper just spits out with an error message saying it's the wrong paper size.
      • I have a preset I made for LR4 and other versions and it worked fine on those but hasn't worked since the rollout of Lightroom CC.
      • Each time I try I go through the printer and page set up  dialogues to no avail. It just spits out the paper and gives me the size error.
      • I contacted Kodak and since it works with other applications it is a software issue and they cannot help me with that.
      • I often want to print just a few 4x6's and find it a real pain in posterior region to have to run them all through Photoshop.


      Has anyone else had and found a resolution for this problem? I love the printer otherwise as the print quality is the best I've had ...really can't tell the prints from lab processed ones and Kodak has committed to other support 24/7 for as long as I own the printer. They even sent me a n/c head replacement recently even though the unit is about 4 years old and their phone support is almost instant. Unfortunately I haven't run into a support person there who is familiar with Lightroom or I'm sure they'd have helped on that.

      Hope someone has a solution.