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    RoboInfo to RoboHelp

      Can RoboHelp import RoboInfo files?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Pete and welcome to our community. First of all let me say that I know pretty much nothing about Roboinfo apart from it's purpose. If you open a RH project and select the File | Import menu item you'll see the file types RH can import. Hope this helps.
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            johndaigle Level 4
            Briefly, yes, but with care. There are two approaches, depending on your goal.

            If you simply want to open (convert) your RoboInfo project within RoboHelp HTML, you simply File > Open > find the RoboInfo projectname.xpj (or .mpj for older versions) and it will become a RoboHelp HTML project from that point forward. So, you are not truly importing, but opening the project in a different app.

            On the other hand, if you already have a RoboHelp HTML project and want to import selected topics from an existing RoboInfo project, the procedure would work this way:

            From RoboHelp HTML, you can import topics from a RoboInfo project just like any other HTML file (File > Import > HTML). The important thing is to import the RoboInfo topic from the project's source files and not any files from the "!SSL!\RoboInfo" folder (or worse, from some files that may be on the web server, a common misunderstanding). Generated output files have dependencies that will not work properly, so avoid that at all cost.

            Basically the authoring "client" application (RoboHelp HTML) is the same as its counterpart in RoboInfo Author. The big difference is the destination where the project is published. With RoboInfo, the author is usually publishing to a RoboEngine database application on the web server. This provides such things as feedback reports, the ability to search MS Office and PDF documents,etc.

            Once you have your RoboHelp HTML project ready you can either publish as plain WebHelp, or if you have RoboEngine installed on a web server, you can choose to set WebHelp Pro as your default layout and publish just as you might with RoboInfo.
            Hope this helps.