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    Mobile Apps for Android!?

    glaustin Level 2

      With Android apps making up over half the market place on tablets alone; why does Adobe continue to ignore their Android using customers and make apps only for Apple devices? Is there some form of anti-competitive duopoly agreement that the anti-trust bodies need to investigate????


      Be grateful to hear from someone at Adobe what their plans for Android are.




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          don't bother, they couldn't give a damn. All you will hear is some mumbled comment about how they are thinking of developing for Android, some day, maybe, if they can be bothered, and then you will never hear from them again. Either Apple are paying massive bribes towards Adobe or they are in the process of buying out Adobe. Either way it isn't going to happen.

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            glaustin Level 2

            Something doesn't seem right for a company that loves nothing more than making profits...

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              Ani*Adobe Adobe Employee

              Hi there,


              The 2015 release of Creative Cloud is here! New and updated desktop and mobile apps (iOs and Android), plus an update to Creative Cloud Libraries – all powered by CreativeSync- makes it easier and faster to work wherever you are. We’re also introducing Adobe Stock: a curated collection of 40 million images that builds the stock image workflow right into Creative Cloud.  Check it out today: http://adobe.ly/1dH4uqj



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                Tuuluuwag77 Level 1

                Yes. The 2015 CC is here. But after reading up on all the 'What's New" and watching the video.. I am lead to believe that once again, Adobe's focus is Apple related. Can we organize a discount to all non-apple Creative Cloud members? Why do I have to pay the same as an apple user, for less, because I use Android?


                We've been over this before and like preime said,.. you always muffle your answers and skirt the issue with speculative jargon.


                Tell us the real reason why Android is second nature to you.

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                  glaustin Level 2

                  Hi Ani

                  Can you tell me what apps are actually for available for Android? As far as I can see there's PS Mix and a couple of signing apps available.




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                    ChaseChenevert Level 1

                    Apparently Android tablets were skipped here because there hasn't been much asking for tablet support, so here goes: Could these new Android Adobe CC apps that are currently phone-only please be released for tablets? In my studio, I'm not really using my mobile phone as an auxiliary design tool--I'm using my Nexus 9. Having Adobe CC apps here would be really useful to me. Thanks

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                      Tuuluuwag77 Level 1

                      Graham - I think it's safe to assume, you won't get an answer to that question from Adobe. The apps that are currently available on the site (after upgrading to CC2015 this morning) still only show the BrushCC, ShapeCC, ColorCC and HueCC as apple downloads only. Ani is just copy and pasting the same answer they gave on this issue last year with an updated year

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                        Dave Rosser Level 1

                        Fairly typical of Adobe.  You would think that having got Lightroom Mobile working on both Android phone and tablet and racking up more than half a million downloads they would realise that releasing Photoshop Mix for phones only was a rather stupid idea.  Doubly so when it does not work on phones that run Lightroom mobile quite happily.

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                          RoC1909 Level 1

                          I think that is a great idea! I am an Android user and I am sick and tired of Adobe kissing Apple's @**! I particularly love the CC 2015 promo video stating "We are taking the power of desktop applications and bringing them to mobile devices." Uh, no you are not. You are bringing it to APPLE devices only. How about changing your video to tell the truth? Just say, "We are taking the power of desktop applications and bringing them to Apple devices."


                          All things considered, Tuuluuwag77 has a great idea. Android users should get a price break on our CC subscriptions seeing how Adobe doesn't give a s*** about us. 

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                            David__B Adobe Employee

                            As part of the CC 2015 release there several of the apps are now available on Android
                            Adobe Brings Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC And Color CC To Android | TechCrunch

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                              Dave Rosser Level 1

                              Except they only work on phones and then not all phones even those that lightroom mobile works on.

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                                So is Adobe's position that 12=5?


                                That doesn't fit the sort of math I'm acquainted with. I'm sorry if this comes across as being rude, but I find it insulting that Adobe expects Android and Windows users to accept unequal support despite paying Adobe the same monthly fee. It also seems Adobe is trying to obfuscate this situation by not offering any way for users of different platforms to see what is available at a glance.


                                The page for mobile apps:

                                Adobe mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android apps | Adobe Creative Cloud


                                No breakdown that I can see to determine what is available per platform.


                                In reality -

                                For Android:

                                Download Lightroom for mobile | Adobe Lightroom for mobile

                                Picture and image editor app | Download Adobe Photoshop Mix

                                Color palette generator, color scheme generator | Adobe Color CC

                                Make custom Photoshop and Illustrator brushes | Adobe Brush CC

                                Capture images and convert raster to vector | Adobe Shape CC


                                For iOS:

                                Video editing app, edit videos on iPhone | Adobe Premiere Clip


                                Wireframe, layout, and mockup software | Adobe Comp CC

                                Drafting and tracing app | Download Adobe Illustrator Line

                                Drawing and vector design app | Download Adobe Illustrator Draw

                                Sketch and paint app | Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch

                                Video effects, video filter app | Adobe Hue CC


                                • Is Android three times more expensive to develop apps for?
                                • Is there a technical barrier that prevents certain functionality on Android devices?
                                • Do you have three times the number of paying iOS subscribers than paying Windows + Android subscribers?


                                I can't think of any other compelling justifications. Even then, wouldn't it be more fair to offer mobile apps as an add-on package, since not everyone can make use of them? More importantly, whatever the reason for the lack of non-iOS apps, why not just come out and give your customers specifics? Instead of honesty, we are treated to dissembling that smacks of either indifference or lack of comprehension.

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                                  cherlita Level 3

                                  Hi, David_B,

                                  Thank you.
                                  I mostly use a variety of Apple products, and also have an Android tablet. However, I was not able to try out the Adobe Capture apps that I love on my Samsung tablet. I received a message that it was not the correct version. This info could not be found on the product page that I could see. Can you please tell me what version of Android tablet and OS is required?

                                  Thank you very much for your help.

                                  Best wishes,

                                  Cher Pendarvis

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                                    cherlita Level 3

                                    Hi, there!

                                    We hope this is helpful to others who have questions about running the Adobe Capture apps on Android devices.

                                    I wrote to Will Eisley. He said at this time, " the capture apps are currently only available for Android phones with screen sizes under 7”. Tablet support is being evaluated.

                                    Thank you, Will!


                                    I'm happy to enjoy these great apps on my iPad and iPhone. I was curious what the Android experience might be like.


                                    Best wishes,


                                    adobecaptureapps android device

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                                      EL Kay Dee


                                      I use an  Android phone and tablet and am becoming more disappointed with Adobe marketing strategy as the year rolls by: it is frustrating that, having  a CC contract, the most important CC Android apps are for phones only, being devices with the smallest screen therefore the least useful for serious mobile work. 


                                      For various reasons, I would never use Apple products.  However, that's personal and not a reason for Adobe to develop for tablets, but I am not alone.  The official reason,  "low demand" is not really the issue. The issue is that many people have subscribed to CC expecting that Adobe's marketing mesages are  correct, accurate and  not misleading.


                                      I feel it would have been more honest advertising if we had all been told from the outset that "We are developing for Android" actually means "We are not going to develop for Android".  My logical argument is that "developing for Android" means that CC will run on "Android".  One major function of an operating system is to de-link, or isolate, commercial  applications from the hardware.  If it is claimed that an app will run on Android, it should run on Android.


                                      Anyway, having witheld my rant for several months,  having believed Adobe's advertising that they are developing for an operating system not, in 1960's style, for a particular brand of hardware ..... please can we have a commitment,  with a sensibly committed date, for  CC for tablets, which have a screen actually useable for drawing, design, etc on  the move.  I do accept that development for mobile phones has enormous application, very handy, and more phones than tablets are used for photography, but transferring files between phone and tablet is such a breeze now, it makes sense to provide apps for both hardware styles, just like for iOS.


                                      Alternatively, can we please have a less misleading roadmap that states very clearly that Adobe is not planning to release all CC apps on tablets, and why.   Unless I am wrong.


                                      Thank you

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                                        GreyNomad Level 1

                                        +1 frustrated Adobe user. I know that it's more difficult to develop for Android because of the variety of devices and versions. But I am tired of companies thinking that "mobile" only means "iOS", and that "Android" only means "smartphone".


                                        Hey Adobe: Android. Tablets. Get 'er done!


                                        ~~ Grey