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    arw files no longer recognised ?


      After this mornings updates, I can no longer load any of my RAW files in either Camera RAW or Bridge

      Have I missed an update maybe. I'm using the version 8 that came with adobe CC, and am using a Sony a6000 camera.

      Yesterday, everything was fine, today I cant load anything. Grrrr

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank in advance.

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          Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

          Please check Help->Updates as we have released a new 9.1 version.


          or get it here:

          Keeping Photoshop Up-To-Date




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            There seems to be a bug in Camera Raw 9.1 for Sony raw files! If using the latest Bridge the Sony a6000 raw files show thumbnails but opening of the review is very, very slow if it happens at all. However, if one double click the thumbnail, the photo opens up in camera raw as it should and can be worked on there and sent on to Photoshop. However, in Bridge the thumbnails of the worked files don't show any right corner indication that they have been worked on in camera raw, and furthermore if one tries to color mark a vertical thumbnail, then it in addition to the color marking also turns the thumbnail to horizontal orientation. None of these problems are seen for example when working on my Canon 7D II raw files, so this sems to be a specific problem for Sony files. Please help us with an update fixing this problem.