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    JSFL with Flash 8

      I'm tryin to write a script which export all parameters of objects present on scene. I goes frame by frame, layer by layer, element by element, parameters by parameters. Anything works very well... once. Impossible to relaunch script under flash 8, i also have to kill flash process in windows, to re-open document and re-export properties.

      I look at my component instance, anything is fine, tried to get parameters otherway (layer > frame > element > param) it didn't work either...

      I did more researchs and it seems that calling "parameters.value" does matter. I could easilly relaunch code without any errors, until i don't call the value of parameters. So I try to call the value other way (using param["value"]), everything failed.

      What's happen with this object ? does anyone face this trouble and how did you solve it ?

      Thanks a lot.