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    Lr6 application can not start after re-install on my new computer


      Previously I used Lr 6 standalone installed over a previous Lr5 during one month without issue.


      I changed my computer to a I5 / 250Gb SSS HD and I installed Lr 6 and I cannot run it => no splash screen displayed


      I tried all support recommandation about this issue (https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/unable-launch-lightroom-55.html):

      - solution 1: login / logout from Creative Cloud desktop

      - solution 2: rename SLCache / SLCacheOld / SLStore and restart application

      without success.

      I applied, also, the 6.0.1 patch => no success



      My configuration:

      - Win7 64, freshly installed

      - SSD 250Gb Crucial

      - 8 Gb DDRAM3

      - No Lr catalog present (fresh install)



      Who's able to help me? Nobody from adobe is looking this forum???

      I'm coming in my huge workload period and I have nothing to work!!! Please, help...