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    Unstable animate

    ianben Level 1

      I am really losing patience with Animate as it continues to corrupt my files resulting in them being unable to open in the programme for further development. I have tried using the recovery method posted on this forum but to no avail - the 2015 update didn't help either. I can't afford the wasted time Adobe.

      Any further ideas on how I might recover all this work will be much appreciated.



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          The Jayster Level 1

          Ian - This is probably missing the mark on what is happening to you - but just in case it as as simple as what I was experiencing...


          A few times recently, and because Edge Animate kicks out usable HTML, JS, and CSS etc in it's source project folder - I got in the habit of renaming my html page (in the source project folder) to "index" or whatever, and using the source folder files as my final assets for publishing to the web. But - I found that after renaming that, I could never open the project again for editing in Edge Animate. Even (if I am recollecting correctly) if I renamed it back. What I do now is - I do not rename anything in my source project folder - or use any of it for final purposes. I use the "publish > web" feature exclusively for generating my final/usable output now, and treat my actual project folder as a source only. I know that sounds really basic and perhaps a bit stupid lol But just in case you where caught up in doing the same thing. It was easy to do, because the source files are pretty much the same and work fine - but my going in and modifying their names definitely caused my projects to stop opening in the application - due to breaking file name dependencies. You can go in and rename items in the images or media folders - but you have to let the program update everything when it prompts you about the whole "modified outside the program" gig. Anyhow... just tossing this out there.   If you are on a new Mac tho - there is a discussion on that just near your post in the main menu. Hopefully this new 2015 update that was released last night smooths things out for ya - if it's something system related.

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            ianben Level 1

            Thanks Jayster - I'll bear that in mind. I keep getting C+ errors and also after saving the file I open it again on another day to find just one blank page - It's driving me up the wall. Three whole days of work wasted!!

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              The Jayster Level 1

              Man... that's definitely different and totally awful. I know about lost work from apps crashing etc - and that is beyooooond frustrating. Especially after masterminding some huge and intricate timeline structure. Sux.


              Try out the new version released last night I guess (2015) and see if it helps. It touts some new enhanced 64-bit compatibility. Also - this string has people crashing on Macs... even someone with a C++ error I believe - just like you mentioned. May be more in line with what you are experiencing (particularly if yer on a Mac). Good luck man! Use that damn "save as" button (v1, v2, v3, v4...) as much as ya can till it gets resolved. Hopefully the new update helps...

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                resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I feel the pain and this is why I stopped using the newer version. I am using 2014.0.1 on all my comps at the moment. I have not tested the latest release but will make sure to keep all versions to avoid problems. Sometimes I just keep several folders in order to have a backup. Maybe you could use a safe source system and check versions in an out. Just a thought.

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                  Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                  Hi Ian,

                  I am getting the same thing, but have started doing half-hourly backups of my comps now.

                  With me, it is happening when updating images and deleting and adding symbols to the stage.

                  Also be very careful about modifying any .js files for your project outside of Edge - that will screw it up too.


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                    ianben Level 1

                    I tried using the previous version but was informed 2014.1 would not open!

                    I have rebuilt it AGAIN and hope it works - I have a publishing date on this and software that keeps screwing up is just what I need with the increasing workload ahead of me. In desperation I went back to Flash but do I really need to re- learn software?

                    Came six o clock and the bourbon was calling - to Hell with it today!!

                    Adobe I might submit a bill for 20 hours of work wasted!

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                      ianben Level 1

                      Yes, editing symbols is definitely a factor in this. Also has anyone noticed that setting text is flaky to say the least?


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                        foj Level 1

                        Hi. I posted previously about content vanishing from 3 major symbols in my 2014.1.1 project. I was working in one of the symbols, on a (child) sub-symbol, that, on reflection, was possibly present in all 3. I was duplicating and renaming the sub-symbol. Is this part of the same issue described here?


                        ianben, yes I find adjusting the line height on text is totally random, same pixel amount (on the same font) can give very different results. Also embedded fonts often show up in Edge Animate as default Times Roman or some-such, but then EdgeA does not often display images, video and shows symbols and shapes in outline only, so figure in the scheme of things a default font is no biggie - while it's all remains OK in the browser and builds.

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                          ianben Level 1

                          No I don't think it was related to the symbols - just the whole file corrupting so nothing would show - three times now. I really don't want to go back to Flash but it might be the only answer.

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                            Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                            Hi Ian,

                            For the record, if I was doing a similar project again I would seriously be considering Flash (with it's export to HTML5 option) as a more suitable solution.

                            I come from a Flash background anyway so it's a familiar environment to me. I have to stress, I haven't used Flash for HTML5 content before but maybe it wouldn't be as buggy as Edge seems to be - then again, who knows?

                            All I can say is I have rarely had problems with Flash files becoming corrupt and/or crashing.


                            It seems that some system configurations are not playing nice with Edge too - see this thread:

                            What platform are you using? Stable or not?


                            It's such a shame, really - I can't change to Flash now because the client will be building some of the content as well and at the start we agreed on using Edge - gone too far down the road to switch.


                            I recently went to an event where Adobe's Flash Product Manager was demo-ing Flash and the new export options it has. At the end of it I explained I was starting a product in Edge and wanted to know what the difference was between Edge and using Flash's export for HTML5 option. All he said was it's down to personal preference and what environment you are most comfortable working with.


                            Do report your bugs to Adobe - if enough people do this they will be more aware of the extent of problems.

                            Good luck with your project - if you do use Flash instead, please let me know - I would be very interested to hear how you get on.


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                              foj Level 1

                              ianben. thanks for the reply - your issue sounds really bad =[. After two hours rebuilding and recovering, I've pretty much a stable build again, although I feel there maybe some issue with undying paths - but no real idea how EA works.



                              Don't like being negative... however... I've been using Adobe products now for 20 years now and I would have never expected such a flaky and under-supported/un-documented product of company of this stature. In the current software-eco-system Adobe should represent stability and a simple learning curve ( although I am remembering when Premiere would crash every two fames of editing ). Let's hope =]


                              Allison - where are bugs reported to? (Maybe shows I've not explored the help as much as I should =[ ).

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                                ianben Level 1

                                Dare I suddenly switch to Flash without having tried its HTML 5 feature at this stage Alison? (Rhetorical question). I too am committed to the EA route as it's being integrated into an InDesign project - I just hope that when it is published the EA content will be stable!

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                                  Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                  LOL - the $64,000 question!
                                  I bet the final output is stable - I think it's just the UI that is a pain! I don't have much inDesign experience so not sure but the guy at the event seemed to be saying the end product is the same.

                                  Just after my last post I went back to my work and got another C++ error!!

                                  I am currently on AdobeChat and they are talking me through some stuff here's the URL if you or Foj want to try asking them directly:

                                  Contact Customer Care


                                  Will post back in a bit


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                                    ianben Level 1

                                    Thanks for that, I think it's time Adobe heard from me!!

                                    That C++ error is increasingly worrying as it seems to rubbish the whole file sometimes.

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                                      Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                      OK, so I posted on the Adobe chat thingy.

                                      They had me create a new file to recreate the problem. Edge performed as expected and threw up an error straight away.

                                      All I did was create a new file. Draw a box, Add a text box with some text. Group both items into a symbol. Duplicate the symbol on the stage. Click to drag and I get this error

                                      Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.14.24.png

                                      They had me close Animate and recreate the prefs in this way:


                                      Choose Go-->Go to folder

                                      Copy and paste ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe

                                      Here you will have a folder called Edge Animate

                                      Please rename it to Edge Animateold

                                      Relaunch Animate

                                      Create a new file and check the same with symbols


                                      I did this and got exactly the same error again. They asked me about Firewalls and Antivirus then asked me first to create a new user account on the Mac and Reinstall Animate.

                                      I couldn't do either of these as I don't have admin rights on my mac. I now have to put in a support request with my IT department to get the software reinstalled.


                                      I told them I had seen many people on the forum reinstalled Animate to no avail and asked what they thought could have gone wrong and they said:


                                      In case the issue is due to corrupt preferences, uninstalling the app will give an option to remove prefs as well

                                      So, while reinstalling the app, a fresh set of prefs will be created


                                      So, I guess I now wait for IT to come over and re-install the app for me.

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                                        Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                        Here is the bug reporting page - they won't reply but at least you can log an issue:



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                                          DylanGraft Level 1

                                          That's frustrating. I know the pain of having to put in IT requests to get anything installed. I don't think Adobe has any idea of what's going on. I got a C++ error yesterday from unplugging my external monitor. That doesn't sound like a preferences issue to me, but who knows. Here's to hoping I don't magically lose all of my work today ...

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                                            The Jayster Level 1

                                            Ian - I hate to pipe in with the same question as before (in the very beginning of the convo) - but - have you tried the 2015 release yet? The string that I sent you to - that Allison just sent you too again as well - stops after the last person said they'd try out the new release to see what happens. I haven't seen another post on that string since - and it was pretty active up to that point. Someone there where throwing C++ errors as well. Also - are you on a Mac? The only people I have read about - who are reporting this issue - are on Macs. I'm on Windows 8.1 and never experience system related problems - had just messed myself up when I was renaming source files. No crashes no nuth'n - not once - ever - with any version thus far. Just making sure the problem isn't already remedied with that latest version release from 2 days ago - where they mention updating to a better support for some 64-bit systems. Just check'n - before ya go the long and lonely road, and typically very silent/frustrating, of error reporting to Adobe.

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                                              The Jayster Level 1

                                              Wait a sec - sorry guys - I see - Allison is the one who last posted the C++ error on the other string... so I'm assuming the 2015 release is wonky as well?

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                                                ianben Level 1

                                                Thank you, I was told by the Adobe customer service people that the 2015 version has sorted out the problems! We shall see when I test the new project constructed in that version.




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                                                  The Jayster Level 1

                                                  Allison - yeah, I did this exactly as instructed - and I don't get any errors. But again - I am on Win 8.1 and am running the 2015 release. Not sure man... I hopr they fix whatever is jacking these other systems up tho... nuthing worse that busting arse on a brain-twisting animation with tight deadlines - only to lose your work. I can hear the screaming in the office in my mind. Been there.

                                                  • 22. Re: Unstable animate
                                                    The Jayster Level 1

                                                    I hope so Ian! That would be awesome indeed. And a very rare/lucky timeframe for a fix! Keep us posted bud!

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                                                      Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                                      Hiya - should keep track of my posts a bit better shouldn't I

                                                      OK I was keeping an eye on various bug posts on this forum and noticed people were reporting the same issues after installing the latest release! So I haven't done it yet.

                                                      The previous releases have not been backwards compatible so I'd hate to continue the project in v.2015, add a load more content and it turns out to be less stable after I've done a load of work. If I had to return to 2014.1.1 I would have to recreate the work done in 2015 version - really nervous - like working with a shadow hanging over you!


                                                      Latest update:

                                                      About an hour ago I had IT re-install 2014.1.1 AND 2015 versions for me as well as creating a new user account on my Mac.

                                                      The first thing I did - I recreated what I was doing on the AdobeChat and it didn't crash.

                                                      This is a new Mac - I got it a couple of weeks ago. I had been having constant probs with my older mac (not just in Edge but other stuff too).

                                                      Edge has behaved just fine over the last couple of weeks but last 2 days the errors/crashes/corrupt files have been happening again.

                                                      I can only assume something is causing the prefs (maybe?) to become corrupt over time.

                                                      One thing is for sure I can't have IT reinstalling software for me every couple of weeks!


                                                      I am going to carry on with 2014.1.1 for now


                                                      I haven't needed to try using my spare user account but at least it's all set up ready incase I need to contact Adobe again about this issue, and I have 2015 ready installed incase I need to try switching.

                                                      Will update the other thread now.

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                                                        ianben Level 1

                                                        That's the problem Dylan, you just never know from one day to the next what will work and what won't - it does tend to up the stress levels somewhat!



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                                                          The Jayster Level 1

                                                          Allison - if it helps at all - I just updated instantly (cuz I'm a nerd and get all excited when software updates come in lol ) and I reopened a few of my more complex medical/anatomy exploration animations to see how it looked... I didn't get any problems. JUST ME tho ...  I don't wannuh steer anyone the wrong direction - but no issues on this end with 2015 opening 2014.


                                                          Sorry for all the posts from me guys! Yer emails must be bonking like crazy...



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                                                            Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                                            Thanks for letting me know Jayster

                                                            That makes me feel better. Although I know all the probs so far seem to be on Mac.

                                                            I wish I had time to experiment but got tight deadlines (well, they are tight now after today's fiasco!)

                                                            It's stable at the mo with 2014.1.1 - if it crashes again I am gonna use 2015...

                                                            ...and I'm keeping a close eye on forum posts to see how the other 2015ers are getting along.


                                                            • 27. Re: Unstable animate
                                                              ianben Level 1

                                                              Hi Alison,

                                                              Just thought I'd let you know - I've spent a blissfully stress-free day working on After Effects and didn't go near the capricious monster in the corner (pokes stick at Edge Animate)!





                                                              Ian Bennett


                                                              Department of Communication and Media,

                                                              Anglia Ruskin University,

                                                              East Road,


                                                              CB1 1PT



                                                              • 28. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                                                LOL! Hi Ian,

                                                                Good stuff.

                                                                I've had a lovely day building Flash banners!


                                                                • 29. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                  ianben Level 1

                                                                  We are both much relaxed then.



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                                                                    ianben Level 1

                                                                    Sorry for not replying Jayster - I am on a Mac and have spent more time in After Effects since the stressy day - I'm about to go back into Animate 2015 to see if the recreated file is still OK - wish me luck.


                                                                    • 31. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                      The Jayster Level 1

                                                                      No problem Ian! Go for it man. Wish you good outcomes! Let's hope the application keeps running at the very least, right? lol



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                                                                        MichaelNovia Level 1

                                                                        I'm also having lots of stability issues and Edge corrupting my projects to the point where they will no longer open. Obviously this has been the source of some very late and frustrating nights before client meetings


                                                                        Recently I decided to dissect a .an file since it appears to just be JSON – I was actually able to fix some of the problems I was having by cleaning up references to assets, symbols, and actions that no longer existed in my project but were for some reason still present in my .an file.

                                                                        • 33. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                          Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                                                          Thanks for posting this Michael,

                                                                          It's really helpful to know that! I don't know much about JSON but there are people who work with me who might be able to help if something goes pear shaped at the 11th hour! Definitely something worth trying.

                                                                          Did you just use a text editor to edit and resave the .an file?




                                                                          • 34. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                            Toby Bridson

                                                                            I need to use this software....................arghhhhhhh!


                                                                            Having the same issues with text editing, won't work after the initial edit - no amount of clicking and editing will change the styling of the font object.


                                                                            Stability issues, it just keeps on crashing and asking me to save my work due to an exception with lots of funky characters $^#%$%*&*^&^


                                                                            Files do not save with any of the edits I made, upon opening the file its empty..... it's as if it's a brand new document. Where's my work dammit!


                                                                            Do Adobe test their software before shipping, I'd like a partial refund on this months Adobe software licence payment please!


                                                                            Call me crazy but most software when it ships is capable of doing the basics at a bare minimum - i would reasonably expect some bugs... but this release is woeful at best.

                                                                            Inflicting this app on your paying customers with this many bugs means either they don't care about QA, or the product owner for this complete shambles should be looking for a new job!

                                                                            I'm sure the devs knew it was broken when it was packaged for distribution........ maybe the managers should listen and wait a few days until it's ready!


                                                                            There's MVP and an agile approach to software development and then there's Adobe Edge Animate 2015 which is simply awful, busted and broken and should never have seen the light of day.


                                                                            Pull the release and fix the issues ASAP.




                                                                            That was quick....  have a phone msg from Adobe.

                                                                            Peter, if you are reading this, I'm on OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 - brand new install of CC and a brand new macbook air.

                                                                            No it's not my system at fault??..... the problem is with edge.

                                                                            • 35. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                              ianben Level 1

                                                                              So far the 2015 version is holding stable - kiss of Death I know - but I am really nervous about using it long term now.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                                MichaelNovia Level 1

                                                                                Allison@HavasLynx – Yes, after creating a backup I opened the .an file in Brackets and was able to poke around for a bit. In some cases this resulted in a completely corrupted project file, and in others its saved me a lot of time having to rebuild a project. While I still haven't any idea of whats causing the errors on the Edge side, I think a side-effect is the .an file isn't getting updated properly and removing references to things that no longer exist in the project space. Manually removing those references has helped in some cases. Feel free to message me if you need any help.


                                                                                @ianben – Same here. I am still getting errors in my projects by copy and pasting from Illustrator though. It seems anytime vector artwork is grouped or using compound paths it causes a failure in Edge. I've noticed ungrouping and using the pathfinder to clean up geometry before moving over to Edge has stopped the errors from occurring in many cases.


                                                                                I'm still pushing forward with Edge Animate personally since I believe in this sort of product – but at the studio we're only using it in production very tentatively. One way we're trying to mitigate some issues is by isolating complex symbols or interactions into their own projects and exporting .ansym for inclusion into a master file. Since its very likely at any point these files will get the C++ error of death , we only have to rebuild a single symbol to re-integrate in our master project.

                                                                                • 37. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                                  ianben Level 1

                                                                                  One problem I have noticed is that if my Illustrator artwork is too big (bigger than the canvas) re-sizing it in situ will cause problems, so I make sure all of my artwork is well within the boundaries. I do think the concept of the software is good so I too will persevere.


                                                                                  • 38. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                                    Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                                                                    A couple of good tips there - thanks ianben and MichaelNovia

                                                                                    Adobe should put us all on the payroll I think!!


                                                                                    • 39. Re: Unstable animate
                                                                                      ianben Level 1

                                                                                      And there was me merrily thinking "well, the C++ errors seemed to have disappeared........."!!

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