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    Accessing a Nested ArrayCollection in an Object

      I have a complex object that contains nested arraycollections. I need to access one of the nested arraycollections as a dataGrid dataprovider. The debugger shows that the object has been created with values, how do I access the data?

      Simplified Object API:
      Customer(customer_id:int, customer_name:String, customer_invoices:ArrayCollection)
      *customer_invoices is an arraycollection of invoice objects

      Invoice(invoice_id:int, invoice_date:Date, invoice_payments:ArrayCollection)
      *invoice_payments is an arraycollection of payment objects

      Payment(payment_id:int, payment_method:String, payment_amount:Number)

      I've tried using the following with no success:

      <mx:Datagrid id="dgPmts" dataprovider="{mycustomer.customer_invoices[2].invoice_payments[3]}">
      <mxDataGridColumn dataField="payment_method" />
      <mxDataGridColumn dataField="payment_amount" />

      Any suggestions?