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    Question about character settings across apps

    Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional


      When working with type in PS and AE  tracking settings are drastically different.  For example in After effects a tracking setting of 63 is a negative number in Photoshop (around -30). 

      I've also noticed setting color by hex code is different in AE then in Premier?    Is this a settings problem I'm unaware of?   Or are the character settings not unified across apps? 

      If the character settings are not unified across apps is there a logical reason for it?




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          AE does not support all text features of the other apps, yes, but what you describe seems more of an user issue than actual shortcomings. Given identical settings and using the Adobe color picker with identical color management everywhere should give the same result, though of course tweaking stuff in a 300 DPI document might still render text slightly different than in AE with (assumed) 72 DPI. Anyway, without seeing screenshots with your text and exact formatting settings this could be an endless academic discussion, so provide some more info.