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    Newest update for LR PS CC 2015 and Bridge CC

    Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

      So this morning I was notified I had 4 update for CC. LR 6.X (Not sure as I'm at work and refuse to do the updates on my notebook) PS CC 2015 and some update for Bridge. It also said I have updates for PS CC, original, and PS CC 2014 but when installing the CC 2015 version of PS it actually removed both PS CC and CC 2014.


      Now to the problem. When sending an image from LR to PS 2015, Edit In link, it states Render in LR, Button, or Open anyway (or something like that) Button or Cancel.


      I selected Open anyway thinking ACR from PS would open and I could then open the image in PS. NO such luck. PS opens but no image is displayed.


      So I go top Bridge CC, mind you this is the newest version just downloaded using the CC desktop app.


      Guess what, None of the RAW images from either my Fuji X-E2 or the Panasonic LX100 are being displayed. Right click on a Fuji RAF file and select Open in Adobe Cameras RAW and get a warning ACR can't open this file.


      What the heck is going on. Can't find a download for ACR 9.1 only 9. Installed that but then I am back one version from what was installed in PS CC 2014.


      Come on Adobe Get With it.


      Maybe this should also be posted in the PS and CC forums.