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    What is Adobe Stock

    bford225 Level 1

      1. Hi i was looking through my adobe updates and noticed a link to adobe stock. what is adobe stock? is it like the other stock sites, such as Istock, shutter stock that I have been having a hard time getting pass the review process in order to start selling my work on those sites? just wanted to know the difference and how it fits into the adobe cloud? do i have to do anything else with the adobe stock site because it looks like its part of my plan. is there a review process that i have to pass?  just wondering. because since i graduated i been having a hard time getting in.  so then my last question is can I start selling my work on adobe stock without any issues? no review nothing.  like how to be a contributor. if it is true. then wow. i am amazed. and more amazed with adobe itself. so proud to be a member. thanks.


      2. by the way. has there been any updates to Lightroom mobile for direct raw editing.?