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    View zoom setting - actual size (difference between Id and Ai)

    Glu Design Level 1

      Hi all


      Something that bugs me in CC, which I don't recall in CS4, is the differences in view zoom factor for a perceived 'actual size' between Id and Ai.


      For example: I am on a PC using a monitor which is running at 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and the monitor has a diagonal measurement of 24". In Ai when I hold an A4 piece of paper against the screen and change the view zoom factor, 128% is the zoom level for which an A4 artboard on screen aligns up with the paper sample.


      However doing the same thing with Id, the view zoom factor is 96%!!???


      Anybody have an idea why this is? I am using the same 300dpi document setup on both. Neither have any UI scaling applied.


      I'm pretty sure that back when I was using CS4 that Id was the same 128% setting as Ai.


      Would be good if they were the same.