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    change address and billing information

    JeroenDorrestein Level 1

      I want to order LR6 stand alone. I've been helped earlier, so now I understand how to go about that. I hit a snag though. My account is registered in the USA with a USA billing address.


      We have since moved to the Netherlands. When I try to change the details in the account it tells me to call 1-800=585-0774 which I did. Very confusing menu, I must have tried just about all options but in no way did I manage to get through to anybody.


      So I tried chat; they gave me a Dutch number. But when I called that I get back into the exact same useless menu which doesn't help.

      So I tried chat again and they tell me it can't be done. I have to try and register with a different email address and set up a new account? That sounds ridiculous to me. So I asked them to delete my USA account all together, but they never replied.


      So how to change my address from a USA to a The Netherlands Address or alternatively how to delete/wipe my complete USA account so I can open a new account with my regular email.