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    White Bug

      As a quick experiment, create a new color palette, choose a custom scheme (so all colors should be independently adjustable), make the fourth color all white "FFFFFF". Now change the fifth color in any way. For some reason, the fourth color value immediately switches to FFCCCC. Is white just that nasty of a color? Or is this one of those "white isn't really a color" debates gone awry :)
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          That's a good catch. No radical positioning on the white debate, we'll look into it. ;) Thanks for letting us know and stay tuned.
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            risottodirk-btOqLf Level 2
            It's not only happening with (almost) white but also with other colors. (Mac OS 10.4.8) & Safari
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi there,
              To clarify, do you mean when you input other values the original one changes? Is this unique to the 4th and 5th colors? I can have QA to look into it as a wider problem.

              Anemotion: Can you tell me your browser/OS configuration? Thanks!

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                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                Hi Anemotion,

                It turns out the avoidance of white or colors extremely near white was actually intentional. The harmony rules are trying to make colors avoid the area near the center of the circle since it cannot generate hues if brightness or saturation is zero, and the harmony rules are based on hue differences.

                That said, in Custom mode one should be able to have complete control, so we are addressing this. Many thanks for pointing this out!