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    Cannot download Flashplayer in IE11 Windows 7


      I have been having this issue for days and trying everything suggested on IE sites and Adobe sites. 


      First I couldn’t open PDF files and it wouldn’t let me reinstall adobe after I uninstalled it.  I ended up using Google Chrome to download Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash and so far that has cured my problem with PDF documents.


      Now when I go to a game site that uses Flash Player, it asks me to update it, but when I try to download flash player in IE11 it says it couldn’t download, then the browser session ends and disconnects.  Also when I use the checker to see what version I have while in IE11, it says I have none installed.


      I was able to download Adobe Flash in Google Chrome and enjoy websites that use flash while I am in Google Chrome. I don’t understand how I can have Adobe installed in Chrome but it doesn’t show up when I am using IE11.


      I like the menu bar at the top that IE11 has, but am afraid I am going to have to migrate away from Internet explorer completely after using it for many years unless someone can help me figure this out.