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    Copy & Paste don't work in Indesign after Psd/Ai upgrade to 2015


      I made the mistake of upgrading photoshop and illustrator to CC 2015. I didnt upgrade Indesign yet because Indesign has historically not well with older Indesign versions. Now I cant do the simple copy and paste operation. In fact, I dont think it was just InDesign, but I had some trouble with photoshop being unable to copy and paste to other program (like photoshop to ai/id). I cannot recreate the photoshop copy paste bug consistently, but the copy and paste from indesign is completely broken.


      Anyone else run into this or similar problems after the upgrade?



      UPDATE: I installed InDesign 2015 as well (while keeping Indesign 2014 version, and still, cannot copy and paste.I should be more specific. I can cut, but it will not paste anything (text, shapes, etc). from within indesign. I can copy and paste from notepad into indesign, but not from indesign out. I cannot copy a shape in indesign and paste another one in the same document (or different documents). I can use the ctrl+click and drag to duplicate.