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    Can not get most recent LR 2015 update?


      Last night Creative Cloud App manager indicated two updates: one for PS 2015 and one for LR 2015.  I updated.  LR is still LR 2015.0 (not LR 2015.1) and I do not see the de-haze slider.  Also  PS 2015 is still PS 2015.0 (not PS 2015.1).


      A post on another discussion thread advised me to check later because the new LR 2015.1 was not available to all users right away.


      This morning I checked.  No new updates indicated. 


      I was advised (on another discussion thread) to sign out of Creative Cloud App manager and then sign in again.  This time an update for PS 2015 was indicated.  But still nothing for LR 2015.  I updated PS 2015 -- it still indicates PS 2015.0.0 though. 


      Frustrated.  Spending waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on this.