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      Two years ago, we had a Creative Cloud for Team subscription, and I was the main administrator for the team. Due to changes of the Creative Cloud for Team financial terms and offer, the Adobe support staff asked us to suspend the subscription and to create another one with another administrator. We did it without any issue, except one : the Adobe support said that the old subscription will be "sleeping" because they cannot delete it, but that it won't change anything, except that it will be always indicated in my account as expired one.


      It could be great, because another administrator add me as a simple user, but I have a big issue : there is a conflict between my active seat and the old subscription. Periodically, Adobe Application Manager launches with the message "expired subscription" and proposes to retry, what I do. Then, another window appears with the message "thank you, your subscription is now active. Click on continue to use your product", and when I click on "continue", I'm back on the first window saying that my subscription is expired, and it is a loop!


      Sometimes, the loop ends suddenly after 10 or 45 mns and the software starts, but sometimes this is really more complicated :

      At this time, I am clicking on "retry" and "continue" for two hours without any success.


      Is it possible to delete the old subscription from my account?



      Thank you